Devon Lyon, born Devon Bailey, moved to Kingston in the 70's to live in Trenchtown with his mum, his sister and his brother named Dennis. Dennis was working in the new Kingston area on a construction site. Dennis met a friend who worked at the construction site and that friend was the lead singer from the group The Chantells.

Dennis told The Chantells lead singer that his brother was singing at home like he was singing everyday on construction work site. The Chantells lead singer told Dennis to bring his brother Devon. One day, Devon came with his brother Devon and they met the three members of the group The Chantells. They became friends. Devon started to verse with them in the evening and they really like him style.

With the help of The Chantells group, Devon recorded his first track « Shine Eye Girl » in 1978. One day, his cousin from london Phil Matthias came to Jamaica to see his family. Phil loved the song « Shine Eye Girl » because he heard it on the radio in London a few months before. Phil realized Devon was his cousin so he was searching for Devon to record a song.

« Shadow After Dark » was recorded in 1979 at famous Byron Lee studio « Dynamics » with In Crowd band. The In Crowd band were a christian group. They were going to church every sunday. Devon Lyon wrote this lyrics because he get stealt many times by someone in the night at his home but never really knew who it was. Everytime he wake up, he only saw a shadow from the window. So he realized someone was in his house. Everytime he woke up with his machette but he never saw the thief. So he wrote « i will never, never will i ever, trust no shadow after dark ».

Phil Matthias produced the song but never paid his cousin. Everytime Devon was asking him for royalties, he told another story so after a while Devon started to move forward. Actually he didn't know what to do to get his royalties. He stopped the music and languish into obscurity for more than 30 years.

Few years ago, Devon Lyon met Enrico Vicari, an italian reggae lover living in Jamaica. Enrico is the man behind « Vinyl Club Jamaica ». One day, Devon brought him his two songs and ask Enrico to play them. Everyone liked it. Devon also took the microphone to sing on the b-side more than 30 years after the release of his tune. Enrico get the idea to capture this moment (check youtube) so the world will know Devon Lyon is still alive and well.

Devon give praises to Enrico because he the one that put him under the light. Right now, Devon knows people enjoy « Shadow After Dark » all over the world. « Enrico you are the best, respect yah man ! Yeah and big up Jamwax big respect ».

Release date: July, 14 of 2017

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Devon Lyon - Shadow After Dark

  • Label: Jamwax
  • Matrix: JAMWAX MAXI 07
  • 10 €