Jamaiel Shabaka was born in the parish of St.Thomas, Jamaica. As far as he remember, he grew up like a child in the country side by farming vegetables under the sun with his family. At the age of five of seven years old, he moved with his family to Los Angeles, California. He discovered music with his mum playing piano and that's how he started singing.

Sometimes he came back to Jamaica and there he experienced Sound System for the first time. There he met a brethren named Ras Kiddus. Jamaiel wanted to meet Sugar Minott so he asked Ras Kiddus to help him. Ras Kiddus brought him to the Youth Promotion yard and organized a meeting. Sugar Minott took time to help Jamaiel to produce his song « I Am That I Am » at Channel 1 studio on Maxfield avenue. The melody came to him with the inspiration of Jah Rastafari. « But it wasn't easy to happen trust me only Jah know Inspirations come like always from di Creator ».
Made under EXCLUSIVE licence from Jamaiel Shabaka.

Release date: July, 14 of 2017.

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Jamaiel Shabaka - I Am That I Am

  • Label: Jamwax
  • Matrix: JAMWAX MAXI 09
  • 10 €