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Vinyl Records Market

05 Aug20159 of the most expensive vinyl records
A popular collectors item, vinyl records are regaining popularity. Vinyl was used to record music and sound before the industry moved to audio cassettes (tapes), and then later compact disks (CDs). Or..
09 Jul201518 documentaries about vinyl and record collecting
Although there are numerous great shorts floating around on YouTube focusing on vinyl culture, digging and record collecting, here is a list of some must-see feature length documentaries and mini-seri..
18 Jun2015[EN] Why buying vinyl makes sound sense
No matter how sophisticated sound equipment gets, there's always going to be something appealing about the vinyl record. There's something about vinyl. Actually there are a few things. For one, lots o..
22 Apr2015Cette start-up surfe sur la vague des platines vinyles
Difficile d'échapper au retour du vinyle dès lors que l'on s'intéresse de près à la musique. Et ce "revival" dépasse le simple phénomène de mode. Le cofondateur de, Jérôme Tré-Hardy, exp..
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