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24 Sep2015Vinyl generates more revenue than YouTube, VEVO, SoundCloud, and Free Spotify combined
Vinyl sales have been surging for years.  But now, the oldest format on the market is generating more revenues than all ad-supported on-demand streaming music services, combined.  According to data re..
19 Sep2015[JAMWAX05] King Kong - Rocky Road
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Dennis Thomas aka King Kong recorded his first tune ‘Pink Eye’ as a deejay at Tuff Gong studios in 1982 under the name Junior Kong. He worked with GT and then his own Love B..
10 Sep2015[JAMWAX04] African Star - They Just Can't Stop Us
Sylvan Morris is the jamaican sound engineer behind thousand of tunes and some of the best classics reggae albums. From the mid sixties till the 90’s, he shaped a unique sound in the best studios of t..
08 Aug2015The future of vinyl? Selling music as a lifestyle
A quarter of young adults buy records they never listen to, a survey of British music fans discovered last year. Some might take this as baffling or pretentious behavior, but the future of vinyl may r..
05 Aug20159 of the most expensive vinyl records
A popular collectors item, vinyl records are regaining popularity. Vinyl was used to record music and sound before the industry moved to audio cassettes (tapes), and then later compact disks (CDs). Or..
09 Jul201518 documentaries about vinyl and record collecting
Although there are numerous great shorts floating around on YouTube focusing on vinyl culture, digging and record collecting, here is a list of some must-see feature length documentaries and mini-seri..
18 Jun2015[EN] Why buying vinyl makes sound sense
No matter how sophisticated sound equipment gets, there's always going to be something appealing about the vinyl record. There's something about vinyl. Actually there are a few things. For one, lots o..
01 May2015[JAMWAX03] Hopeton Crawford - Donnette
Hopeton Crawford was born on August 21, 1961 in Kingston. Jamaica. He grew up at number 12 on 5th street in the Trenchtown neighborhood. All the popular singers of that time are in the corner, from Bo..
22 Apr2015Cette start-up surfe sur la vague des platines vinyles
Difficile d'échapper au retour du vinyle dès lors que l'on s'intéresse de près à la musique. Et ce "revival" dépasse le simple phénomène de mode. Le cofondateur de, Jérôme Tré-Hardy, exp..
01 Mar2015[JAMWAX02] Owen Knibbs - Juggler
Owen Knibbs was born november, 10th 1966 in Mt Salem, Montego Bay, Jamaica. He grew up with his mother (mama granty), three sisters and nine brothers, Owen was the youngest. He was introduce to music ..
10 Dec2013[JAMWAX01] Delroy Melody - Ease Up The Pressure
For many jamaican music fans, the name Delroy Melody is unknown, however for connoisseurs and lovers of roots reggae from the 1970’s and 1980’s his music includes gems like his album “Dread Must Be Fe..
16 Aug201327 breathtaking record stores you have to shop at before you die
1. Amoeba Music in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe world-renowned Amoeba Records lives up to its hype. With a frequently changing stock of new and used media, you can basically get whatever you want here. ..
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